Tour Our Class!

I am SO excited about my room this year! I have worked really hard to make it a fun, safe place to be. My classroom is like my second home, and I want it to reflect my interests and values. I am SUPER excited to share it with you!


Our password is a letter, sight word, or math concept we are working on. Using it as our "password" when we walk in is a great way for us to review!
Our tables this year are named after different superheroes. Each day, a new student is chosen as table captain, and their name is recorded on this chart. Tables each have a ten-frame chart where they work together to earn points. They can earn points for having a neat table, working together politely, being prepared, or just being awesome! Once they earn ten points, they ALL get to go to the treasure box or pick an incentive, like extra computer time or the chance to pick our movement break video! Plus, we get some great practice on complements of 10!

We have 4 computers in our class that we use during centers. Above our computers is where we will display our "incredible" work!
"Power points" are a whole-class incentive system. When the WHOLE class gets a complement (such as for walking quietly in the hallway from our principal or we all clean up well), we will get a "power point." Once the class gets ten, we earn a party!
A HUGE focus in kindergarten is number and letter/sound sense. Above our whiteboard we have references for numbers and letters.
We use Fountas and Pinnell guided reading levels. By the end of kindergarten, our goal is to independently read a level D book. This is a little reminder of what we are working towards.

I am VERY proud of how well my students did last year. Most surpassed this goal. Hard work pays off!
This is the front of the room, where you will find supplies. The labeled bins store our math tools, center materials and puzzles. Each table has a crayon/marker caddy, a glue sponge, and a cup of scissors. There are also two blue turn-in bins. One is for finished work, and another for work to come back to.
I use clothespins for EVERYTHING. Our names are on clips and it makes it easy to change out jobs.
On our door, I post class news for parents to access. I am super excited about better integrating technology into parent involvement this year!

In both literacy and math, we do center rotations (independent work stations). This is where students will see what centers they are at that day. Underneath the center sign, we have our supply buckets and journal storage area.

I also really love our 110 lamp! I was determined to find a way to use this lamp with my theme. Oh, and the Pink Panther has a cape!
This area is where we use fun materials like magnets, play doh, and stamps.
Word work instruction revolves around Words Their Way. I have about three different groups by the end of the year, and all their WTW anchor charts are hung here for easy reference. Again, I love clothespins! I fancied these Dollar Tree clothespins up with some glitter and Mod Podge.

Our library is hands-down my favorite area of the class! I am lucky to have a large library, of both genre and leveled readers. 
This is where we meet as a group. We spend lots of time on this rug, both learning and building relationships. Our word wall is blank now, but will soon have all of the words we are learning.
We write EVERY DAY. I actually just won a Donor's Choose grant for new writing center materials, so stay tuned for the improvements to this area!
Above our cubbies, I have some pictures of past classes and some quotes that inspire me. My students hear me saying how powerful words are, and these are some of the power words that keep me going.

You can find these clip charts {here}.
Superheroes need breaks, too! This is our recharge area. We can go here when we need a breather or want to be alone for a few minutes. It is not a punishment, just a place to recharge our learning powers. We have a bin of some calming tools to use to help us.
This is my (messy) area. It stores my teaching materials and has some of my favorite things!
Each table is named after a superhero. I also love glitter more than I should :)
Lastly, here is my guided reading chart. Once everyone is assessed, I will place them in a guided reading group. Names are on clips, so it is easy to switch groups to best fit individual needs.

You can find this group chart {here}.

This is just the start. A classroom is not complete without students to fill it, and displays of their amazing work. I am excited to add these things to my room.


  1. I LOVE your classroom! We also use F&P for reading, and our goal is also a D. Last year I had only 14 kids, and with such a small class, I had many kids reading at levels F-J! Small classes are so beneficial for our little kidlets!

    Carlee Van Ness
    The Kindergarten Press

    1. I LOVE having a small class! I've had 16-17 the past 2 years, and it makes a HUGE difference compared to the year I had 29! We get so much accomplished. Most of my kids left above a D, I am so proud of them!