Friday, August 19, 2016

No More Stubby Pencils!

While most of you are back in school, teaching the little ones how to function, I'm wandering my house bored and itching to get back in the classroom.

When going through my ever-growing back to school pile, I remembered a nifty little device I got about a month ago from Classroom Friendly Supplies, and decided to spend time sharpening some of the awesome new pencils I got from Michaels.

A pencil sharpener shouldn't be exciting right!?!? But after years of crappy  not the best quality sharpeners that will only sharpen certain pencils, I am thrilled to have a sharpener that will sharpen whatever you put in it.

There is a bit of a learning curve to  using the sharpener, but after you figure it out, it. is. awesome!

First, hold the black knobs and pull out the face. While holding the knobs, put in the pencil as far as it goes.

Then, hold the top as you crank clockwise. I plan to mount the sharpener in my classroom, although holding it firmly works well.

Crank until you feel the pressure release. Push the black knobs together and remove the pencil. Be amazed at the sharpest point ever. Repeat with every pencil you own.

 This pretty purple little guy has quickly become one of my favorite teacher tools. What are your classroom must-haves?

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