Sunday, July 3, 2016

Year of the Goal

This is the year of the goal.

I've decided that this year (I measure everything in school years, pretty much already seeing this as the 16-17 year) I am going to be vigilant about tracking, following up with, and meeting my personal and professional goals. So my "summer bucket list" isn't the most exciting, but rather a list of goals that I am going to work towards accomplishing this summer.

Get on a gym routine
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Because of health reasons, my gym going has been...spotty for the last 2 years. I used to go religiously, but yeah, life got in the way.  Now that I'm back on track and off horrible weight-gain inducing steroids, I need to turn this into a habit. After a good workout I feel more energetic, happier, and relaxed. I need to remember these feelings when I'm reluctant to go so I actually go and feel these great things.

Frustrated, Sad, Stress, Depressed Man, Stressed Man
I am a wound-up person. I stress out easily and have trouble turning  my brain off. My goal is to make time every evening to unwind- calm music, a good book, and some tea. I'll be a better, calmer person and teacher for this.

 Eat Better
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Again, because of reasons, my diet has suffered. I am stopping the stress eating and going to eat a healthier diet. My goal is less processed food and sugars, more fresh food. I also want to get on a schedule where I actually eat. This is huge during the school year- I skip lunch and get real cranky then binge junk when I get home. That is going to stop.

Go out more
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I am a homebody, but I would like to get outside and be more social. I tend to lock myself up with my computer and netflix and let life pass me by. I am going to take time to walk in my beautiful city every day, and say "yes" to more invitations. I often struggle in social situations, and I want to get past that.

So those are my summer goals. Once it's a habit, it will be much easier to maintain when school picks up again. It will take a  lot of work, but I'm ready! 


  1. I totally know what you are saying about having trouble in social situations! Good luck with your goals!

    1. Thanks! Hopefully with practice I'll become less awkward!

  2. Great list of goals! I am spotty with the working out - I'm going to run a half but I actually do not really like it much at all, except for right when I finish! You know, on that note of being wound up, I bet the writing will be a great release for that, too!
    Where is Chicago are you? We should grab a coffee or take a walk in any of our amazing parks! I'm in Bucktown :-)

    1. Great goals! I know that it is so hard to stick with healthy routines once school starts (like NOT skipping lunch) and actually exercising. I used to walk faithfully, and I discovered that I LIKE it! But for one reason or another I have fallen away and haven't walked faithfully for several years. It is one of my goals to start again this summer.

    2. I love walking too! I've been taking more walks with my hubby and it is so much more fun than the gym.

  3. I am a chronic lunch skipper. I have to fix this, too.

    1. I know! It is so easy to skip. I'm thinking of setting a timer once I go back to school and force myself to do it! hahah!