Thursday, June 30, 2016


Happy July!

I am joining Michelle at Big Time Literacy this July for her Big Time Blogging Challenge! Her challenge is to write every day in July. I can't say I can do it EVERY day, but I'm gonna do my best.

Although Farley will no longer be doing her monthly "currently" posts anymore, I still am!  Here's what is happening right meow.

listening... to all sorts of ska. Summertime = ska time. I have a rotation of less than jake, bosstones, the chinkees, and streetlight manifesto going alllllll day.

loving... Summer Break! It's been officially a week out of school. I really needed this in my life. Sleep! Fun! No stress eating! Crafts! I am beginning to find the peace that I couldn't during the school year.

thinking... of next school year. There might be some changes coming, and I'm hoping I find them out soon!

wanting...time to hurry up. In the next 2 weeks, I will
-get my hair done (hidin' those grays)
-celebrate my 3rd anniversary <3 p=""><3 p="">-see Book of Mormon
-go to Orlando for the TPT conference
I'm SO excited for all of these things! Bring it on! 

needing... to get on a schedule. Sleep schedule, gym schedule, eating schedule... I need some schedules in my life to keep on track
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<3 p=""> hoping to get out of this writing challenge... I need to rediscover my voice. This past year was tough professionally, personally, and physically. Challenging is an understatement. I clearly haven't blogged, created, or been much of myself. I want to get my writing voice back, and refine it to reflect who I have become through my challenges. I would also love to meet new people that I haven't connected with yet. 
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See you tomorrow for more of the challenge!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Oh, hey....

Remember me?

It's been a LONG while. This school year was rough, both personally and professionally. I've been tested harder than I ever have before. BUT I made it out alive!

Here's to being around much, much more!