Sunday, September 27, 2015

Can you believe it?

I'm actually blogging! It's been forever, but you know how the start of the school year is.

The beginning of the year has been a whirlwind. I've been sick the entire month of September (strep, sinus infection, tonsil infection, general crappiness), had my class change many times, and I've been taking on a lot of technology/ graphic design projects at work. Plus, ya know, setting up a classroom, establishing a classroom culture, and dealing with beginning of the year kinders. I'm honestly surprised I'm still standing.

Tomorrow will start week 4, so we are still working on routines and procedures. Last week, we started "soft" centers. I didn't pull real guided reading groups at this time, just introduced a station activity at my table to get my kids in the habit of working independently. They were much shorter than stations eventually will be, and helped me see who will be my station leaders. It went pretty well! We started with some simple alphabet centers.

Sentence strips + random letters

 Sentence strips + letter clothespins

Letter matching

I really loved this one because I was already able to differentiate it. For my kids with a better grasp of letters, I was able to give them the lowercase letters to match with the capitals. That gave them a bit more of a challenge and allowed them to work for the entire time. If you'd like to use this one with your class, you can grab the freebie here!

We also worked on alphabet puzzles and letter-color matching, as well as some patterning and counting stations, but more on those later!

Have a fantastic week!

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