Saturday, August 15, 2015

Back to School Blog Hop!

 Where has the summer gone?!? Seems like just yesterday I was preparing my kids for kindergarten graduation and getting them ready for first grade.

Don't get me wrong, I love (mostly everything about) back to school time. The shopping, the newly decorated and re-imagined classroom, seeing my coworkers again. But it is also highly stressful. All of your money going to folders, newly decorating and re-imagining your classroom, and having to wake up at a decent time and put on real pants :(

So, some of my friends and I decided to make it a little easier on you! I am teaming up with some of my favorite Early Childhood ladies for a back to school blog hop where you can cross a few things off your list!

I know there is SO MUCH going on as your new littles first come to you, and that usually your school wants you starting instruction as soon as humanly possible. Add this to trying to get settled into your routine and you get one stressed out teacher.

I am all about involving parents with their child's learning. I generally find that when you give them the tools, parents will help their kids. Sight words are an easy thing to work on at home. I always include some sight word practice pages in my homework packets, and I provide practice lists and cards for parents. I've had parents use these cards in many ways- play a matching game with them, go on scavenger hunts looking for certain words, using them in sentence building activities, and even making a word wall on the fridge! Sight words are easy for parents to help with- no confusion on terms (diphthongs, anyone?), words that are easy to read and find, and they have been discussed in class. You can learn more about these resources {here} and {here}.
You can enter to win all four of these sight word resources, along with $10 to pick anything else from my store, by entering the rafflecopter below!

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