Friday, June 19, 2015

Spotlight Saturday & Makeover Madness!

I know we've all been there. I AM EXHAUSTED. My babies "graduated" on Wednesday, I started tearing down my room on Thursday, and I broke out in a weird rash and stayed home Friday. I have 2 more work days, meaning only 2 days to tear down the rest of my Walmart-sized room and shove pack it all away nicely in my closet.

BUT, I wanted to get in a few posts about some awesomeness I've been doing. Like most teachers of the internet, I'm participating in the TPT Seller Challenge. I am SUPER new to the game, so I am hoping participating will help give me a little boost and help me reach some of my personal goals. Aaaaand, what better way to show off some of my work than linking up with one of my favorite linkys, Spotlight Saturday!

 One of the products I gave a makeover to was my -UG bug freebie! The cover is now much more sleek and colorful, and I added in a few pages from my -UG word family word work pack.

This freebie has make your own "-ug bugs," where students glue -ug words as spots on to a ladybug. I used these around Valentine's Day as "Love Bugs," and it made for a cute bulletin board. I added in the -ug pages from my short u word family pack, one for word building, and one for word writing. Click on the picture to download it!

Sorry to keep tooting my own horn, but I love this makeover as well! This was one of my earliest products. It is simple- put numbers in order. By 1's. By 5's. By 10's. With so many ways to differentiate. It is something I've used a billion times over the last two years.

But LOOK AT THE BEFORE PICTURE. Yuck. I wouldn't have purchased something like that myself.  I love the new, polished look to the cover page. It is more "me," rather than what I originally thought I "should" be creating. I am excited with how far I've come with my designs in just a few short months. I can't wait to see what I will do next!

Head on over to join Erin from Kindergarten Dragons to read about some awesome resources, and to spotlight some of your favorites!


  1. Love your Spotlight Saturday! Your make overs are brilliant!! well done !! :)

    1. Thanks so much! I've actually had a lot of fun redoing them! Thanks for dropping by!


  2. I always love reading your posts! Sorry to hear about your rash, I hope you're feeling better!
    Your Makeover Madness products look AWESOME! You -ug freebie is GREAT, I can't wait to use it with my kinders next year!! You did a great job with both of the makeovers, you should totally be proud of yourself!! Isn't it amazing to see how far our style has come since we started!?
    Thank you so much for linking up again and shining the Spotlight on your awesome activities!! Great job!! :-)

    Warmest Wishes,

  3. Thanks Erin! I have weird allergies, so I'm pretty sure all the dust and gunk in my room set me off. But that's almost over!

    I'm glad you liked the -ug bugs... it's something I've used for years, so I'm glad some other people can use it, too.

    I'm really loving the Makeover Madness idea! I've actually redone several covers and some of the products as well, and I feel so much better about my work. And this growth has been just over a few months! I can't wait to see what we can all do in the future!

    Thanks for organizing Spotlight Saturday, glad I can be a part of it!