Sunday, June 21, 2015

Must-Read Monday: Friendship!

Yay, Monday!

Today I am linking up with Suzanne from Kindergarten Planet and Alex from Kindergarten Connection for Must Read Monday! This week it's all about friendship books. Here are some of my favorites!
I couldn't pick just one!

Any Elephant and Piggie book is excellent for talking about friendship. Mo Willems is a genius (more on that later), and perfectly captures the feelings young friends can have, like being sad about breaking your friend's toy, being scared when a new friend comes into the picture, or trying to tell your friend they just aren't that good at playing the trumpet. At their core, Gerald and Piggie really care about each other, and they always find a way to solve their problem and be friends again. Plus, they are hilarious and easy for beginning readers to read on their own, so they are MUST HAVES in any primary classroom.

Farfallina and Marcel is another one of my favorites. This gosling/ caterpillar duo do everything together in their little pond. Things start to change, and they are sad when they think they've "lost" their best friend, but they stay friends despite their differences. This is a good one for stressing that although we might change (physically or emotionally), we are still capable of retaining our strong friendships.

The Sandwich Swap is another one I read every year, and is great at teaching about embracing each others' differences. Lilly and Salma are BFF's, but one day, they just can't keep in their thoughts about the other girl's "yucky" sandwich. This causes some BIG PROBLEMS, and they eventually find out that different foods are not so bad, and that being different/ liking different things isn't a reason to fight with your friends. Reading this also leads to a good discussion on the "right" way to express yourself to/ question your friends without hurting their feelings.

Also really cool, this book is written by a QUEEN. Queen Rania al Abdullah of Jordan to be exact. I love to point this out to my kids (especially my girls) so they know that being a queen isn't just about looking pretty and hanging out in a castle- a queen can do meaningful, powerful things!
A new book that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE is The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend by Dan Santat. I saw this one when it JUST came in to the library and was the first person to check it out because I was immediately blown away by the illustrations. THEY ARE GORGEOUS. The super cute Beekle is the only "imaginary" friend without a friend. So he decides to go out and find one. His adventures are excellent, and the illustrations are magical. Check it out now!

What are your favorite books on friendship? Join in and tell us about them!

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  1. Hi Deirdre! I love your book selections! I have the Reading Street program and Farfallina and Marcel is a favorite read for sure. Such a loving story of friendship. I love how you display your books! Thanks so much for joining in Must Read Monday!
    Kindergarten Planet

    1. Thanks for coming up with a fun linky! I love your choices, too- how could I forget Corduroy!?!


  2. These are some great books! I love all things children's literature and I will definitely be adding these to my list! Thanks so much for sharing them! I'm going to have to link up too, I can always use more books to add to my Wish List!!

    Warmest Wishes,

    1. I'm loving this link-up, I've come across so many great books! My kids always ask me why I keep saying "this is one of my favorite books!" I can't help myself!
      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Farfallina and Marcel is one of my favorites!!! I even shared about it in my Must Read Monday post!! The Sandwich Swap sounds like a good one! I've never heard of that book. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  4. Thanks so much for linking up with us! I loved reading about your favorites! I definitely need to check out The Adventures of Beekle! It looks so interesting and engaging with those gorgeous pictures!