Sunday, May 17, 2015


Real talk.

These last few weeks have been ROUGH. Like, "are you serious we still have over a month left of school and these kids are off the chain and how am I going to make it through the day let alone until the end of June and I have no more coffee and holy crap it's only 11:15" rough. We've all been there.

Safe to say I have pretty much no idea how I'm still standing. I finally had time to rest this weekend, and I'm making my game plan of getting through and enjoying the last 22 school days with my babies. I am not a positive person. At all. But positivity is the only thing that can and will get me through. I determine the weather in my classroom. A good day has to start with me.

One major weight has been lifted. We took our NWEA MAP test this past Tuesday and Wednesday. I  know that my students and I are more than test scores. I know that the 30 minutes my kids spend staring at a screen cannot show the hard work, love, dedication, laughter, tears, and everything else that we have all put in this year. But it is a part of life. A part of my life that is over for a few months. For the first time, every single one of my babies went up. Some a point or two, some 35 points, but they all made gains. They really took this opportunity to "show off" all they learned this year. I am proud of them, but glad it's over. 

So, to celebrate being done with stupid testing, we decided we will only do "fun" stuff for the rest of the year. Since I am focusing on the positives, the "fun" things that make me and my kids happy, the things they will remember about kindergarten and being in my class, here are some of my favorite moments of the last two hellish weeks. 

We started opinion writing. My kids put our PE teacher on blast for always coming into our room to get water and disrupting our learning. We also had a talk about using kind words to get what we want, and using evidence rather than a "GO AWAY!"

"Coach T, Stop interrupting our class when we is learning. I do not like that. Go away!"

"Coach T, Please do not interrupt us" Check out the "BOOM!" of him shutting our door and walking around going "hu, hu,hu"

We also read one of my favorites, Hey, Little Ant, and wrote our opinions on what the boy should do.

We had our last trip of the year, going to our favorite theater to see Elephant and Piggie! SO MUCH FUN! So worth it! The kids were engaged the whole time, and there were some great jokes in there for the adults. Emerald City is a great place to go for a field trip, I highly recommend them.

We learned about plants, and are going to start our own garden this week. Every year, I give my kids construction paper and tell them to make a plant and label the parts and give them no other direction. They always rock it out. I love how these came out. Many of them even added in the needs, like sun and water coming down, and one little guy drew water going up the roots :D

It may have taken all year, but I think we mastered teen numbers!

Sorry for a long rant, I just needed to show myself that there was plenty of awesomeness even during a very trying week. Look forward to seeing more of these cute, happy faces soon! 


  1. Hey there! I totally know what you mean about being so so exhausted. I actually took a sick day today just to rest a little - and I only have about two weeks left!
    Your blog is super cute and so are your kiddos! I'm glad that you are making time for all the great stuff about school and forgetting about testing. The fact that kinders have to do testing is so ridiculous to me! They're five for goodness sakes!
    Enjoy your moments the rest of this school year!
    BigTime Literacy

    1. Testing is so ridiculous! The culture of it has become insane. But at least it's over! I wish I only had two weeks left- our kids last day is June 19th! Enjoy your last few weeks!


  2. We don't have the same testing up here in Canada, but it sounds like it's a bit hard to cope with for little ones! We are in session until the end of June, so still lots of crazy days to get through! Lots of great ideas in this post - love it!

  3. We go through June as well- I guess I won't mind all the "school's out" posts when it's the beginning of August and I still have a few weeks! Thanks for stopping by!