Wednesday, April 8, 2015

RIT Centers... with an Easter twist!

I know we all have our opinions on Common Core. I happen to love it (for kindergarten- as opposed to the former Illinois standards). What I don't love are the standardized tests that go along with it.

We take NWEA Map for Primary Grades three times a year. At the beginning of the year when they test, most of my kids have never before used a computer. Needless to say, we kinda ignore those scores. We test again in January and the end of May. As we gear up to test again soon (blegh), we are forming our small groups and review standards based on the Learning Continuum.

Our strand the week before Easter and Spring Break (holla!) was number and operations. This covers counting/ writing numbers, comparing numbers, ordering numbers, knowing number names... pretty much everything to do with numbers/ counting &  cardinality. By the end of the year, students should be at a 159 in math. My centers reviewed concepts from 150-170, and my kids ROCKED them! I've seen so much improvement since the beginning of the year! Here are some of the centers we did:

Bunnies in a Row: Simple. Put the bunnies in order. I gave them numbers 0-20. This usually takes them 3 whole minutes, so I sneakily added some yarn and clothespins so they could string them up. They thought is was exciting, it helped their motor skills, and it kept them busy for about 15 minutes :) They also wrote the numbers in order on a recording sheet. You can get this freebie here in my TPT store.

Comparing numbers: An oldie, but a goodie. And not so Easter themed. But oh well. I usually use those stickers that come in packs of 400 from Michael's to make seasonal subitizing cards, and we used those to compare numbers. My students can easily tell which group is larger or smaller with objects that are all the same size, but get confused when sizes change. I don't formally introduce comparison symbols, but I have them use the "alligators" to chomp the larger number, and the "greater than/ less than" language.

Egg Match Up: Another easy one. My kids are pretty good at matching numerals with pictures, but struggle with reading the number names. This helped them match everything up. And it looked pretty. You can find this freebie here in my TPT store.

Jellybean Ten Frames: Ten  frames are always a great review. Though our focus wasn't on adding this week, I wanted them to have that practice. The awesome Recipe for Teaching created this awesome freebie that was a perfect review.

Now off to enjoy the rest of Spring Break!

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