Saturday, April 18, 2015

Five for (late) Friday!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for my first Five for Friday (okay, maybe it's Saturday... don't judge)

This was our first week back from Spring Break. Oh, how I miss it! But I will say it was a really good week. I think my kids and I really needed the break from school and from each other. We all came back refreshed and set the reset button to make sure we rock the rest of the year. We made some tweaks to things that weren't working (centers, hello!) and really had a great week!

The first day back was one of my babies birthdays, and when her grandma brought cupcakes they all smeared frosting all over themselves. They were a HOT MESS, but they had fun!

Continuing with the NWEA test prep (bleh), we worked on geometry this week. Which, of course, was awesome! Geometry centers can be so much fun! We used pattern blocks to create pictures (physically and drawn with stencils), and told how many of each shape we used to make it. We also used pattern blocks to join shapes in order to create larger shapes. We've done these activities before, but they really rocked them out this time! We also reviewed which plane shapes can be used to construct solid shapes using our trusty Magna Tiles!

Many people on Instagram asked where the jumbo pattern block are from, you can find them here.

No pictures for this one, but we had parent-teacher conferences this week. I must say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE ESGI! My partner and I just started using it last month, and it was such a useful tool to have at conferences! I love how it tells you EXACTLY what you assessed and how parents can help them be successful at home. I love that I don't have to lug home my assessment binder, and that I am able to see what I need to focus on as a teacher (like my kids didn't do as well at reading CVC words that I thought they would. I was able to pull out my CVC centers so we can fix this :)

Our math curriculum has an "open response" lesson each unit. This chapter, we were supposed to collect data and create a way to represent it. These lessons are tough for me because we are just supposed to let them go and just do it. We look at the products and that helps us focus the follow up discussion. Boy was I skeptical. Boy did it turn out awesome!

They really loved having a chance to pose a question, ask their friends, and make their own representation. It was really eye-opening to see what they knew about graphs/ data, what their misconceptions were, and how much fun they had doing this. I sense a new center happening :)

After spring break, I usually start our fractured fairy tale unit. This week was all about Goldilocks. We have 9 different versions, and have read 4 so far. We did our first class Venn diagram and then I bravely paired up my kids and had them make their own. They did so well, both coming up with ideas and working well together. I'm finally starting to see some leaders emerge in my class! So exciting!

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